Friday, September 18, 2009


salamullah alaik, kepada pembaca yang dirindui.

minta maaf, kerana terlalu lama meninggalkan alam virtual ini. bukannya apa, aku hanya terlalu masyghul. kesibukan ang teramat sangat, semenjak aku berlepas, dan juga selepas aku berada di ardh al-kinanah; yakni bumi yang terpilih.

untuk aku ceritakan kembali apa yang terjadi di sini adalah terlalu banyak. mungkin ada yang telah menceritakan perihal kami semua di sini, jadi aku tidak perlu untuk bercerita panjang. cukup untuk mengatakan yang kami sihat di sini.

jadi, bagi sahabat semua-kalau ada, kami semua disini memohon maaf diatas apa yang kami lakukan yang telah menyinggung hati kalian. sesungguhnya kejauhan ini amat dirasai.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

ijtimak komputer


PIKOM PC Fair telah berlangsung dari 31 Jun sehingga 2 Ogos hari ini. Niat hendak ke sana menggunung tinggi. Sesak yang melampau, terutamanya tren yang hendak menuju KLCC, memang sarat dengan penumpang. Sampai di sana, kepala menjadi pening akibat perjalanan yang jauh + melihat booth-booth yang teramat banyaknya. Duit poket baru masuk ( Ihsan MAIS ), jadi aku mejadi seronok sakan la jawabnya.

Aku memang hebat berbelanja seperti orang baru masuk gaji. Apa yang telah dibelanjakan di sana:
# Set cover laptop dengan screen cleanser, yang memang dah lama aku hendak cari disebabkan skrin laptop sudah bertompok-tompok; RM 15
# Wireless mouse, jenama "CHOKIA" sahaja kerana tidak mahu memilih jenama yang lebih mahal; RM 39

# Lunch di Secret Recipe-oleh kerana terlalu kemaruk dengan pasta- makan beef lasagna dengan ice lemon tea; RM 17.50

# Pencuci mulut Gelato Fruity, Wild Berries; RM 7.50 per cup.

# Seluar jeans (?) dari Isetan, Lois Spain Straight Cut; RM 132 selepas diskaun 10%.

# The Concise Human Body Book by DK Publications; RM 67.95, dan The Rough Guide Phrasebook : Egyptian Arabic; RM 27.50, keduanya dari Kinokuniya. At least, something useful with the RM 360 ;)

Kesimpulannya :

1) Dari semua perbelanjaan aku di sana, roughly 70% dibelanjakan ke arah bukan
ke-PC Fair-an.

2) Laptop aku da berubah wajah sedikit sebanyak.

Selepas mutasi dengan Afrikan Zebra.

3) Jangan bagi orang besar pegang duit, nanti boros. Budak kecik takpe sebab dia orang tak tahu kira. Ye ke?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hari Rabu, pergi membuka akaun HSBC, demi kehendak pihak JAIS, dan demi keperluan kehendak aku di Egypt. Tak tau kenapa aku lebih suka menggelar Mesir sebagai Egypt, walhal bendanya sama je. Mungkin lebih cool.

Anyway, back to the story. Went to the nearest branch in Seremban. I was brought to a Chinese woman, whom arranged all my account setup. Everything went excellent. Suddenly the clerk asked me something.

Mr Ahmad, have you registered for any insurance policy?

And after I said no, it's became a little bit complicated for me. Equity, riders, benefits-it seems to make no sense for my kiddie brain. A lot of signings, mind-boggling banking jargons, and broken English all the way around make me feel all jumbled up.

Called ayah, and he said no-just open an account and let's scram!

So, that's all. Then I went for their ATM, and activates my account. Good, it's working fine. As I'm about to leave, I forgot to ask for bank statement. Too lazy to print 'em up myself.

Hey Miss, could you print the bank statement for me?

I'm here-I mean there-already, so just ask them for it. Then something arose.

Err, Mister, Why'd your'e account still have nothing in it? Did the activation works well?

Yeah, sure it's gotten well, so wha-

Suddenly, I feel stupid. I quickly took out my wallet, and there it is - the RM250 I withdrawed to open up an international banking account. Jackass. I just couldn't stop laughing, and apologizing, and feel like a dumbo. Macam mana boleh terlupa nak masukkan duit tu dekat dalam akaun baru tu. nasib baik aku tak belah lagi dari situ, kalau tak sampai bila la tak aktif akaun aku tu.

Conclusion? Don't act macho 'cause they'll make you look stupid.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ignore the pun

What's I've been up to:

#J.b Bobo Modern Coin Magic handy book-PDF, gotten for free ;)

#Virtual Villagers 2 : The Lost Children. Finished the 1st one already. Really addictive, the game runs even when your'e not in front of the PC. (Explains the reason of me not getting any new post).

# Grey's Anatomy- the ups-and-down of a group of intern's life; work and personal. (Big hands for Deenie's recommendation ;)

# Lastly...


waited a long time for this craps

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malaysia XI vs Manchester United

Truly saying, among the best performance shown by Malaysian football team since then. For me they really show what Malaysians are made of : spirit.

The game starts quick-paced, with MU overpowers the M'sian with their sheer height and possession of the ball. And after 9 minutes, M'sian defense were shattered by a goal from Wayne Rooney. And he amazes us again with his quick feet and gives away pass for Nani to finish it off.

But Sir Alex Ferguson's happiness and joy turns into agony when MU defense let loose for Amri Yahyah, M'sian forward strikes a lob ball, high enough to pass Edwin van der Sar, back into his net. The Malaysian skipper once again proves his reliability after 5-year absence from Malaysian team, when he didn't miss a chance after Ben Foster, subbed from van der Sar, slipped the ball and the pacey Amri chases and nudged the ball into the net, making the scoreline 2-2.

Both team created a lot of chances, and this time, after a lot of players subbed, United's rookie player Darron Gibson slipped a pass through M'sian defense and towards Ryan Giggs, making Malaysian keeper, Mohd Farizal Marlias to slide forward only making a rebound for Michael Owen, United's latest signings shot in the victory goal.

It is maybe a satisfying match, but what really disappoints me is although Bukit jalil Stadium is full, but all I see is red or white jerseys everywhere, but not a stripe of black and yellow. This is quite a shame, when even Malaysian does not support their own team.

That's all, Majulah Sukan untuk Negara!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tak dapat dibendung lagi


Hye, It's been awhile, ey? Am having a hard tyme with my vista. Windows Vista. I couldn't get connected to internet. Secara tetiba connection dalam laptop yang dah di-save-kan hilang. Lepas tu, tak boleh nak buat connection baru. The wizard cannot create d connection, kata vista tu.

Hei, vista, vista! Siapa2 yang tahu fasal masalah ni, share2 lah ye.

But wait, how'd the heck I'm online right now?
Aku pakai komputer lama, windows XP. Yang ni tak ada masalah nak connect to internet. Satu je masalah dia. Sebab dah lama tak buka, PC ni dah jadi slowpoke(jangan marah ya PC). Slow pun slow la, janji dapat online.

Ironic, baru je cakap yang diri dah boring dengan internet. Tapi, baru pagi tu dah tak boleh online, tak keruan aku jadinya! Haru-biru-hijau-kelabu aku buatnya.
Maksudnya, kena ikut dos, taklah online 25 jam,8 hari seminggu (hiperbola digunakan). Baru kena tempatnya.

Tu sahaja. Selamat.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

that's kawaii

2 scenario. Differennt places, different times, different people. But it's the same though.


I was attending a function lately, where I met an old friend of mine. He was a succesful Indian, whose bound for actuarial science course. I was really grateful because it's been a long time since I've seen him, and he had surely grown up a lot.

"Hi, oh, it's really nice to see you!"

And yeah, it's nice to meet him too.

"And, this is my friend, Mary (real name is forgotten for God's sake). She was from the same school as me too,"he explains the presence of a pretty-pretty Chinese girl next to him.

"Hi...!" She greets and holds out her hand for me,as a sign of gratitude.

And I grabbed her hand back, as a normal dude would usually did. And my thoughts ponders,

........................... wait, what am I doin?

Pegang babi boleh disamak, sentuh muhrim..?


Here I am, in the Komuter back from K.L to Nilai station. Quite a long journey, and luckily, an empty seat shows up quickly.

After a few stations, two couples shows up. From double-dating maybe (mind me if wrong).
One of the pair isn't so.....much, but the other one...they might be-loving-each-other-so-much-that-they-wouldnt-let-each-other-even-for-a-while (ignore the annoyance).

They both would be so sweet for a couple.Very cuddly and not-so-shame with all the other eyes in the train that were focused on them. The guy chewed gum and shared with the lady,
by mouth. They were hugging, kissing-on-the-neck, and squeezing around each other. So sangap. Eew.

It wasn't them that I would emphasise here, but me. I was there all the time, and all I do is just pretending to be sleeping and hearing the song banging in my head.

And yet, he, she and me is a MOSLEM. Sungguh selemah-lemah iman.

Just for pondering upon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

double it up

Didn't come up with something, so here it goes.

This is for the last Saturday night, for the sequel of the last-last Saturday(?).
Father of the Bride ,Part 2.

The story goes on after the wedding of George Banks' beloved daughter, Annie. Even after her wedding, he continues to fret when he knows that her daughter is pregnant, and yes, he's about to be a grand-dad. And what's adding up to this is he discovers that her wife is pregnant too(which she mistaken for menopause).Uh-oh.

So, he continues his inability-to-accept-the-truth-and-whats-going-on attitude; he was so upset of being too old for a grandpa, he colors his hair and sports a younger look. He was so afraid and wishes to get a new house, so he sells it to an instant, and must evacuate the memorable house in 10 days. And then he realise that this is the house which keeps a lot of memories between him and everyone else, especially Annie.

Adding up to this already comical transfusion is Franck Eggelhoffer-the one whom used to arranges Annie's wedding-came back as the babies' room decorator. He helps the family when there were two pregnant women in the house. Annie was taught for the course on which will she need to do when she feels about to be in the labour (which once she mistaken for indigestion).

And then there comes the day. It was a tiresome day for George-he didn't sleep for three days. He complaints about the doctor whom will be delivering her daughter (which seems to be younger than Annie). But when the babies delivered, he felt the world is his. Holding his grandson in one hand and her daughter in the other,it was magnificent.

At a point, George was worried that he still be able to raise Megan (the name of the doctor who delivered her) as he did to Annie and Matty. But when given a second thought, he think he could do it again. The story ends with Annie, Brian-her husband-and George Banks-Mackenzie Jr. moves out to Boston.

Again, remarkable.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

still not ready yet

Siapa stay-up hari sabtu yang lepas? Malam itu cerita Father of the Bride (1991); sebuah cerita komedi, ada disiarkan di TV3. Walaupun ianya cerita lama, tapi saya masih belum pernah menontonnya, kerana waktu movie ini dikeluarkan, saya masih belum wujud. LOL.

Anyway, the story goes on like this. The protagonist, George Banks portrayed by Steve Martin (remember Inspector Clouseau from d Pink Panther?), is a proud-yet-dumbfound father and an athletic shoe company owner from an upper middle-class family, whose daughter-Annie- will be getting married to a man from upper-class family. Everything didn't quite normal though, since he can't imagine how's life going to be without her daughter and has gone a little 'cracked', especially when he knows that the wedding expenses shoots up over $100,000.

This film is somewhat intriguing, because it emphasizes on little details that somehow leads to a different perspective to me (!) for this movie. For an instance, when George is asked by Franck, his wedding planner for what's on the menu, whether it would be expensive-yet-exquisite seafood or going for the cheap chicken dinner, George opts for the chicken, but the cook won't cook chicken because of the non-glamorous status of the chicken; then George shouts on his face,

If your going want to get a $1000 wedding cake, and $250-per-head dinner, and me on a new tux, then there will be no other then the chicken!

Still, the cook won't make the chicken. And thus drives George crazy. But when the wedding goes on, and everyone seems happy, it did relieves him a little. But it was a little funny that he was even not allowed to go to the backyard of his own house, and didn't even get a taste of a 500-bucks-per-head seafood dinner. He didn't even make it to see her daughter toss the bouquet. And all of sudden, his daughter is going to fly to Hawaii for their honeymoon. And all he get is the catastrophic after-wedding-scenario, almost getting summoned for not getting permit to park 200 cars in front of his house, and a call from her daughter from the airport, thanking him for everything. And that's more than enough to cover all these...gruesome he endures. He finally realizes that her once little Annie has grown up, and he feels proud of himself for the success of growing up a daughter and being a father for all her needs.

All for all? Remarkable.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gettin dirtier...

Clever Liquor Ad funny picture

Haha. LOL.

Understand now? Don't bring girl back home sesuke hati.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

confirmed or busted?


Ever heard of a rumour of Bill Gates sharing his fortune and giving aways cash money to whom forwards a message towards others; and ever heard of Yahoo! will shut down it services for good and the only way to stop it is by forwarding series if chain letters to increase net trafficking?


Man, its funny to think that some of this chain-letters dated back to 1997, where the Internet had just yet started towards its on gargantuan webs and people has already started messing around, being fooled by easy money. And these phoney letters are still circulating around.

Those pranksters who cooked up these frauds surely gave a big laugh in the end.

Learn it more at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kecemerlangan menjana ummah...

Assalamualaikum. Hee, cambest je title dia.

30 Mei yang lepas, aku pergi menerima saguhati daripada pihak Koperasi Serbaguna MAS.
Diberi kepada pelajar yang cemerlang2 belaka, macam ana. Jangan gelak.

Antara yang menerima sumbangan termasuklah aku, Syazwan Adzhar dan Nidzam Yatimi.
Tapi memandangkan Nidzam pergi menunaikan umrah, maka tinggal aku dan Syazwan (ignore the pun-we have same name).

Ramai sungguh.

Berdua lebih baik...

Aku dah macam caterer merangkap kaki pukul. Eh, macam "BFF" pun ada dua orang ni.

Haha, oi, jangan marah, main2 je.

BFF, lawak gila. Wan, kau aku tak tahu la, tapi aku ada rasa loya sikit masa tulis part BFF tu.
Huhu. Kita orang merangkul pulang sijil penghargaan + cash (Syazwan dapat lebih sikit pasal dia lebih cemerlang dari aku-lebih sikit je).

Moral? Berusahalah dengan cemerlang, tak ada ruginya.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

what the @#$%??


Hello everyone, and mind the title.

Actually, I've a very cool phenomenon occurred to me lately. And I've believed that everyone have really experienced these too, either before, later or now.

The story goes:

One day, I've gone online until late nite. It's not uncommon for me n even for you outthere.
Surprisingly, I've sensed this feeling coming. The phenomenon is about to happen.

I've got bored of the Internet.

Ey, no, no; don't wipe clean ur screen, it's true that this is happening. Or if y'all couldn't really see clearly, let me scream it out loud to your pinna.


Okay, that explains enough, didn't it? All of sudden, all the excitedness of going online is gone. Kaput! Like a wind...or cookies, if you prefer.

That's it for now. Sigh.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dah Terlambat Ke?


Semalam masa on the way rumah mak cik aku, tiba2 handphone berbunyi, ringtone Wonderpets.

"Hello, Assalamualaikum,"
"Waalaikumussalam, Siapa ni?" aku tanya.
"Kami dari Lembaga Zakat Selangor, nak bagitahu yang masih ada lagi kuota untuk kami hantar pelajar ke Mesir, memandangkan ada yang menolak-"

Aku dah telan air liur. Suara di sana menyambung,

"-jadi kami panggil saudara Nawzahs untuk memaklumkan perkara ni. Macam mana, awak nak terima ke tidak?"

Macam2 keluar dalam batu jemala aku. Haduii...lagi 3 hari nak gerak UM baru la nak call.

"Err...boleh bagi saya fikir dulu tak?"
"Boleh, boleh; tapi maklumkan kepada pihak kami sebelum hari jumaat ye, Assalamualaikum,"

Lepas tu habis semua orang aku mesej. Tanya macam2. Apa kena buat, berapa banyak yang dibagi, belum terlambat lagi ke tak...atau dah bersedia ke tak?

Dah pergi2, main jauh2. Aku nak fikir.

Eh nanti jap, apa2 nak cakap tulis kat bawah OK. Ciao.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dari ulat jadi...


Sebenarnya aku nak cerita something dekat sini. Petang tadi, masa aku tengah siram pokok bunga dekat depan rumah, aku nampak benda yang...nak kata pelik, tak ada lah pelik sepelik unta. tapi memang kita jarang dapat jumpa la. Kalau terjumpa pun mesti dalam bentuk yang lain.

Ni haa...kepompong. Sorry gambar tak berapa clear. Handphone murah. Ada lagi weh...

Haa... aku terserempak dengan mereka2 ini bergayut dekat ranting pokok limau. Tak percaya?
Ni bukti dekat bawah ni.

Pokok limau. Haha. Jarang dapat jumpa ni. Tahu2 dah jadi rama2. Bukan limau, tapi kepompong tu. Tapi rasa2nya ni bukan kepompong rerama. Tak tahu. Tapi yang pasti, lambat-laun ia akan keluar juga dari kepompongnya, menemui dunia luar dimana keadaannya tak mudah dijangka. Hidup pun berapa lama je.
Tak lama lagi aku pun nak keluar dari kepompong aku juga. Cuba sikit2 la.

Monday, May 18, 2009



Nothing special about today. As usual, wake up in the morning, helping this n that, sleeping, ambik adik balik dari sekolah, and then went online 4 d whole nite. Just like that, waiting 4 days to come. Boring ey? Ha, biasalah, dah memang tak de apa nk dibuat. Everyday it went on like this lah.

Tak pe, tak pe. Dah tak lama dah aku kat rumah ni. Berbakti je la sedaya mampu. Nanti da masuk U dah takde sape nak menolong dah.

Alamak. Siapa pulak nak tolong mak aku basuh pinggan? Siapa nak ambik adik balik petang-petang? Siapa pulak nak mengurut kaki Mak malam-malam?

Adoyai, ni yang den lemah ni.

Tak pe, dah masuk U nanti aku nak belajar pandai- pandai (insha Allah), dapat jadi orang yang berguna (insha Allah), thus membuktikan yang aku meninggalkan rumah buat sementara waktu ni bukan untuk benda yang sia-sia.

Tak nak la kalah dengan kambing. Kambing kalau bela 2-3 tahun pun buleh beranak-pinak, lagi berguna daripada membesarkan aku yang tup-tup tak jadi apa.

Dah lah, takat ni je dulu. Assalamualaikum.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey, it's Teacher's day.

A day fully devoted for those whom...teaches.

And, by the way, tadi aku terserempak dengan Ustazah aku masa nak hantar adik ak pergi sekolah. Hari ni ada sambutan hari guru sekolah dia.

Hari Guru. Ustazah.

Hmm...Ustazah Awanis tegur aku dulu.

"Assalamualaikum Shazwan, sihat?"

"Waalaikumussalam, Sihat ustazah," macam tu aje aku jawab.

Dalam on the way nak balik rumah, dekat atas motor aku terfikir, Apa punya anak murid aku ni.

Dah la terlupa nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Guru. Heh.

Apa-apa pun, Selamat Hari Guru aku ucapkan dekat mana-mana guru / cikgu / ustaz yang terserempak dan baca blog ni. Ok, tu aje.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's Must be Something Not Quite...

Hey, it's me again...

Eh eh lupa pulak..


Ugh..what am I doin'?

OK, it"s been awhile now...and from what I've noticed, some of my friends did'nt really much care to update their blogs. It's not like...well...I'm a kind of person who reads a lot, yeah, but didn't really much care to share and giving back. Even those who are once a keen blogger, but now it's just like the gone like a wind. Maybe it sounds a bit nasty, but PLEASE LAA!!! Put up something dude...or I'm gonna die not-reading!!

Okay, stop right there, brother.

Hmm.. apa pasal tiba-tiba terasa nak blogging tengah-tengah malam macam ni. Nak kata idea masuk mencurah-curah, takde la juga. Kemaruk kut.'s feel kinda weird to write in "Bahasa Malayu Baku" Maybe I'm don't have d guts to ruin my sacred, beloved lingua franca (haha). When I'm blogging in English, even if d whole meaning is "ruined", nobody would be mad, (except those hunkies from Oxford). Nak merosakkan bahasa sendiri tu tak sanggup. Nanti silap-silap anak-cucu (kalau sempat) sampai kata "I looked silly when i talked in Malay" (Jangan terasa..siapa makan cili maknanya dia suka makan pedas..=p).

Dah la. Aku dah penat. Jangan kacau aku lagi.

Hmm... btw I've adopted new interests meh...Instrumental baby!!! Really addicted to Beethoven and Johann Pachebel's masterpieces. And don't forget Gershwin's too. (by this point you might start to think that I'm cracked, rite?). Anyway, relax yourself, and have a bit of this Canon in D Major..Ta-ta!

Friday, May 1, 2009



Ei apesal sume blog ak pgi sume nk tnjuk dorunk nye result uPu ek?
Batak ke??

Ak p0n nk tnjuk gak le!!!


Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan ke IPTA Program Pengajian Lepasan SPM/Setaraf Sesi Akademik 2009/2010


NAMA : AHMAD ******* BIN AHMAD ********


Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut :





1) Calon boleh mencapai Surat Tawaran melalui laman web mulai 04 Mei 2009 dan calon WAJIB mengesahkan SETUJU TERIMA TAWARAN sebelum 15 Mei 2009...


Ha cane?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The A-Z Of Unusual Jobs...

More than 8700 workers have listed the most unconventional jobs they've ever held in a survey on Hey, somebody's got to do them.

Autopsy assistant
Bartender at the Liberace mansion
Cat nanny
Donkey trainer
Elf at Santa's workshop
FBI fingerprint examiner
Grave digger
Hurricane hunter
Ice sculptur carver
Junk mail machine operator
Kitty litter box decorator
Laser tag referree
Magician's assistant
Nuclear electrician on a submarine
Opera singer
Parachute tester
Quality control taster for a chocolate factory (yummy!)
Romance specialist
Scratcher (scratching back of patients)
Turkey wrangler
Undercover vice decoy
Video game tester
Wallpaper peeler
X-ray technician for zoo animals
Yawn counter at a sleep clinic
Zamboni (ice resurfacer) driver

Weird eh?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Whoa..its been a while since ive leavin this bloggin world...nak kata busy, x de la sibok mane pon...just d laziness yg menyelubungi diri...

Actually I have nothing came across my mind... nothing special 4 me 2 write upon...aku terasa nak tulih balik ni p0n sbb ad plak yg mmuji ak nye writing...hahaha tergelak sengsorang ak..
Sebenanye memuji, cheering, giving away compliments; it's d only thing someone needs 2 be re-spirited n 2 keep moving on... but don't too much... otherwise jadik riak plak...ha.

Still, no ideas.

Sebenanye, i'm really worried about my future. Unlike my peers (Did I have any?), they already having they own vision, the "pre-cognition" about what they're goin 2 be in their life. But me, still di takuk yang lama, still katak di bawah tempurung, still the average Joe. Someone had said, that without risks, unable to think outside of ur box, not grabbing any chances; u'll be a dull person, nothing special. U'll be in this world just 2 crumping up the already crumpy, demanding world.

What more can I say? I'm a type of person that hates 2 see changes. I hate 2 see changing things, changing persons, even the change of myself. I always hate 2 be a grown-up. Everythings hard. For now I've just realized that I'd rather be schoolkids than being an adult; life couldn't be any easier than that. Didn't have to worry for the world outside, just need to have fun learning with ur pals. Even ur dosa is burdened above ur parent.( haha nasty).

The point is, just grab any chance that coming 2 u. It's hard nowadays, in this competitive era; for chances coming at u like rolling logs. Keep waiting, and its just like menunggu ayam jantan bertelur. You've only got one, only one short life, so live it 2 the fullest...

-nothing extravagant-

Monday, April 27, 2009

Won't Be Soon Before Long...

Life had just yet started...but i just can feel it fell slumped, hard onto my shoulder.

Life is so cruel; engulfing everything that it could reach.

Life is so deceiving; without anything 4 me 2 hold on, I am begone, lost in d middle of nowhere.

Life is such a badass; everything weak n cannot fight 4 d top, will be destroyed; crippled.

Life is so damn envious; hatred filled inside d heart of people, couldn't even see each another
in d same species succeeds; not long before they went down tumbling among themselves.

Just a little mistaken strategy, is what it took 4 d nosedive crashes.

Everyone is 4 themselves. And yet it sucks 2 be alone.

Once slipped, shall be sucked into d dark hole of life, crushing d hope of springing back into life.

Gotta hold on, gotta hold on. Musn't let go, musn't let go.
But, to whom?

There must be something left, Things revealed, brought down 4 me 2 keep holding.

Keep searchin', crawlin', grasping.

but... what if I've grasped something wrongly, and brought me off d track of life?

Just one thing.

Let the light shine upon ur heart, showing d darkness its way out.
No more crawlin in d darkness, just keep ur faith in front of U,

And there's nothing better that u could ask for.

Hey, did wrote all those nonsense?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane..

17th of December 2009...

Yatta!!... after been a few years we've saved on our expenses, finally we had enough money 4 our family trip to New Zealands, the Land of Kiwis n d land of no-foreign-food-n-fruit-on-d-cargo-please!!!(just kiddin', you Maoris)

Anyway, we chartered our flight in about 8.30 pm Malaysian hour,n arrived there @ 12.30 NZ time, after a grueling 9-hour plane ride. It wasn't really that excruciating; free movies, top Tv shows, good food; it's just the seat that a tad crumpy (economy class,:( ) I had trouble sleeping, since next 2 me was a Zealander that has been living and married in m'sia 4 a couple o' years, n i cant move or cuddlin around freely, too, wats d relation?

Upon arriving, their custom were very d very strict. Man, she asked what's our family name (sigh we dont have any), what youre doin in NZ (2x sigh, whatdoya think, terrorists?), and 4 good reason name any place u want to visit here in Auckland. Ugh.

Don't want 2 remember dat, my dad went 2 d info counter n asked 4 hotel listings. This is when it shows, when the receptionist calls d hotel we wanted (yes, she actually did that!) , and sadly tell us that d hotel is full, but, she shows us another reasonable hotel (Oaks Residencies, remember dat when u go there!) and she even helps made a reservation for us at the airport, before even we arrived at d hotel! How convenient n straightforward these people are!
I thought ive a feeling that i'm gonna have a good tyme here..

Okay, here we are, Oaks Residencies.

It's more kinda apartment than a hotel, because it has 2 bedrooms an a kitchen. We've got a room at d 14th floor, and it's cold enough, they don't even an aircond! (FYI we arrived in d summertyme, and it's 21 celcius in d afternoon). A lot of nice views from d top of our room, including the skyscrapers n d Skytower, a tall tower. For $160 a night, it's a good spending
(1 NZ dollar = Rm 2 ).

Our 1st destination was the Skytower, the tallest tower in d southern hemisphere at 328 meters high. It offers at most 70 km of breathtaking view from anywhere. Among the attractive view I could see from above is Devonport harbor which is filled with yachts, and many of dormant volcanoes on everywhere on d island. The other main attractions here is the Skyjump, and d name said it, u'll bungee jumpin' from d breathtaking height of 198 m; and at d same height there's Skywalk, where u n ur family could have d chance to walk on a platform outside the tower itself! (didn't went either of em).

D next day, we went 4 a trip 2 the National Museum of NZ. To get there, we took a ride on a shuttle which goes 4 $15 for d whole day. It stops on several eye-catching scenery and hotspots, and some good pre-recorded tourist guide announces d information relating to d tourist spot on d area. After d 20 min ride, we arrived to d museum. It was very historical (duh!), n divided into several parts. 1st level consists of vintage collection of d past, old artifacts, Pacific n sailing history, and not 2 4get, the Maori collections of weaponry, houses and their enormous boats.
2nd level is primarily filled with animals from all eras n live showcase of a real dinosaur named "Sally". While, level 3 is all about WW1-2 stuffs, real audio records of old warfare radio commands, and memorials + Holocausts things. But the most memorable things is the cultural show by Maori peoples. They show us their dances, fighting stances and of course, the Haka!!! Our digital camera runs out of battery here (took a lot of useless pics on d tower), but luckily we still had my dad's trusty k800i, a pretty nifty camera phone.

Dat evening, we all got on board on a ferry from the Auckland Harbor. It was a great 45-min ride, as it shows us the view we can't see from the land, closely such as the the floating lighthouse, the yachts, and we went under d harbor bridge of Auckland where people bungee-jumps from d bridge (yeah, everyone here obsessed with bungee-jumpin). It was very breezy and fun ride though. We'd stay there until d nite.

About eating here, we didn't had outside food very much. We had some dinner from an arabian whom runs a halal food court in d downtown of Auckland (just once!). For d rest, we bought some bread and fresh fruits from a local store (Cold Storage lookalike). It's a good point 2 bring ur own food from home ( dont bring meats n fruits!).

We're plannin 2 stay 4 another day, but there was no flight on d 4th day, and we didn't had enough cash to stay for 5 days, so we had to went back home earlier =(. Although it was a tad short trip, it was enough 4 me. So, thats it! Another excruciating 9 n a half hour trip back home...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ahlan wa sahlan wa marhaban bikum!!

Assalamualaikum weh!!

Alrite!! Selamat datang ke page gua!!
Pergh.. title ngan pemulaan cam mnunjukkan yg ak ni orang baik2, padahal...:)

Alaa.. rilek ah.
Budak2 yg masuk af (Akademi Fantasia) tu dgn bangle nye..rantai.. baju x cukup kain..
rambut warna-warni..bile dipanggil masuk...

Assalamualaikum Sumer!!!! C'mon, Afundi (letak name sesape) jom!!

Ahahaha ironi, x kan la gua yg berambut serabai,dgn top hat n dangling cigarette nih x bley bagi salam brader???

ok, itu kite tolak tepi.

So, im welcoming myself 2 d world of blogging!

Hmm, so ape yg buat gua nk blogging nih?
Ntah ah, dgn hari2 yg mendatang, dgn x de kije nk dibuat,better 2 put sumthin beneficial here,at least(yea,rite).

So, i'm tellin bout meself first. At a first glance, i'm kinda sememeh-lookin', nothing-to-be-said-upon boy, but i'm tellin ya, im a cool headed person, no-nonsense (Sheesh!), sometimes being lost-minded, and hates people who act like they were really good (infact not). Am really2 dislike who "menggelabah-x tentu-pasal" coz theyl'l make other people act like dat too. Owh, n not 2 4get, d "bragsters" and "poyos" (really wanna kill'em!).

Ok, What's i'm puttin' here??
Ilmu di dada masih cetek. Skill menaip x seberape. X pandai ber main2 dgn kata2. Kadang2 rase malu ntuk mnyebarkn ape yg tersangkut di minda. Segan dgn memembe2 lain yg ayat2 mereka
meletop2 and much more convincing n more exxagerated. Rase kerdil gile ah wa cakap lu. Perangai pon kurang baik n x bley djadikan contoh.Bahase yg dicelotehkan merosakkan bahasa dan bangsa.
Even nak luahkn perasaan kt starting blog nih p0n susa aw!

Anyway, i'd try my best to keep-in-touch with this blog, n cuba ntuk memanfaatkn blog ini sebaik mungkin. Well, here i am, meyemakkan dan menyempitkn blogging room yg dah sedia
sempit ni. FYI, i'm an avid reader of Reader's Digest, so I might be placin somethin good from d book to be placed here. Still lot to learn, so jgn malu2 ntuk drop ur komen n get ur crap outta here!

with regards,