Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey hey. Well am just finished biochemistry paper and im happily lying on my bed after devouring half of chicken. Well, not that happy. Im actually quite unsatisfied with the way i answered my paper. The question was quite easy, but yeah again if you didnt know and didnt study well then waste is all you will get. And I could say that about 20% of the topics that had been asked in the paper is the topics that I didnt study well. Well I chose not to study well. My laziness and lack of diligence cost me quite some marks.

For this biochemistry exam I used two options of studying. Either you use department books, or you could use notes that the lecturer made. Or both. Those notes, they were handwritten. So studying with it could be really an eyesore. But the notes are good tho, compact and easily understandable for a slowpoke like me. For now I am regretting because didnt studying using the note from the early semester for I think I can have better understanding of biochemistry earlier. Yeah great, Mr Hindsight.

There was some guy whom sat next to me asks me what question i couldnt answer. Yeah I had one question that haunts me from the start of examination. And I hate copying and copiers. But what can i do,honesty is meaningless in this world nowadays. Hatefully I showed him what I couldnt answer. And then he asks me questions that he himself couldnt answer. So that was his intention really. And then again Im helplessly showed him my paper. And he was not-so-smart copier that i thought he is. Kepala macam bangau, copy bulat-bulat.

oh and lately my computer was infected by virus. It was suspected that my laptop was infected when I was doing some high intense gaming. After a few rounds of FIFA 11 or CS it suddenly shuts itself down. Overheating was one of the suspected culprit, but later investigations by my pal founds out that something keeps my CPU running full 90% even when idle. Tasks manager reveals that the thing was powermgr.exe. well then i deleted that exe and everything comes fine again. No wonder la when I play Black Ops pun sangkut-sangkut. Anybody that have an idea about this virus and its manifestations, do tell me! Off to me gaming bench!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

survival of the fittest

Well yeah ive been bored again. Kicked ball around the house, skipping rope a few minutes. Shoot some other people's arses in CS. Yet still all those thing couldnt let go off boredom inside me. The summer has yet to kick in but the heat is getting intolerable, so am feeling mighty lazy to get out of my house. Man how am I going to survive the incoming Ramadan.

Alright then. Now you know, i thought that writing something up is going to be my last resort to overcome my boredom. Good thing I didnt deactivate this rusty old blog of mine. So, today I had my physiology written exam. 65 marks for MCQ's and another 65 for short essays. Wasnt that hard... if you studied well tee hee. I have this kind of phenomenon when facing any kind of examination paper, and I could even bet that everybody had experience this thing also. Well you know already what the question want, and you know what you should be answering but still you have no idea what the hell you blurted onto the answer sheet. And so there goes all merapu answers and I wrote whatever I could link between the facts available from a full week of studying and whatnot. Still targeting for a good pass for this one though.

Well its not that I dont know how to enjoy meself when it comes to boredom. I have a full storage of movies, good games, and 4Mbps internet speed. I just wanna try to control my sense for entertainment for two reasons; firstly it is because of the tests Im having now, and secondly Im saving up all the unseen movies for the upcoming summer break. In the absence of classes and lectures for sure it is going to be a hell of boredom. My budget is a bit tight for now so I dont think that Im going to afford to go somewhere else. Yeah man, controlling what you eat isnt cheap.

So any suggestions to kill this boredom guys? Sorry for grammar freaks out there, am kinda bummed out here. Jerawat pun dah naik. Haish.

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