Thursday, April 30, 2009

The A-Z Of Unusual Jobs...

More than 8700 workers have listed the most unconventional jobs they've ever held in a survey on Hey, somebody's got to do them.

Autopsy assistant
Bartender at the Liberace mansion
Cat nanny
Donkey trainer
Elf at Santa's workshop
FBI fingerprint examiner
Grave digger
Hurricane hunter
Ice sculptur carver
Junk mail machine operator
Kitty litter box decorator
Laser tag referree
Magician's assistant
Nuclear electrician on a submarine
Opera singer
Parachute tester
Quality control taster for a chocolate factory (yummy!)
Romance specialist
Scratcher (scratching back of patients)
Turkey wrangler
Undercover vice decoy
Video game tester
Wallpaper peeler
X-ray technician for zoo animals
Yawn counter at a sleep clinic
Zamboni (ice resurfacer) driver

Weird eh?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Whoa..its been a while since ive leavin this bloggin world...nak kata busy, x de la sibok mane pon...just d laziness yg menyelubungi diri...

Actually I have nothing came across my mind... nothing special 4 me 2 write upon...aku terasa nak tulih balik ni p0n sbb ad plak yg mmuji ak nye writing...hahaha tergelak sengsorang ak..
Sebenanye memuji, cheering, giving away compliments; it's d only thing someone needs 2 be re-spirited n 2 keep moving on... but don't too much... otherwise jadik riak plak...ha.

Still, no ideas.

Sebenanye, i'm really worried about my future. Unlike my peers (Did I have any?), they already having they own vision, the "pre-cognition" about what they're goin 2 be in their life. But me, still di takuk yang lama, still katak di bawah tempurung, still the average Joe. Someone had said, that without risks, unable to think outside of ur box, not grabbing any chances; u'll be a dull person, nothing special. U'll be in this world just 2 crumping up the already crumpy, demanding world.

What more can I say? I'm a type of person that hates 2 see changes. I hate 2 see changing things, changing persons, even the change of myself. I always hate 2 be a grown-up. Everythings hard. For now I've just realized that I'd rather be schoolkids than being an adult; life couldn't be any easier than that. Didn't have to worry for the world outside, just need to have fun learning with ur pals. Even ur dosa is burdened above ur parent.( haha nasty).

The point is, just grab any chance that coming 2 u. It's hard nowadays, in this competitive era; for chances coming at u like rolling logs. Keep waiting, and its just like menunggu ayam jantan bertelur. You've only got one, only one short life, so live it 2 the fullest...

-nothing extravagant-

Monday, April 27, 2009

Won't Be Soon Before Long...

Life had just yet started...but i just can feel it fell slumped, hard onto my shoulder.

Life is so cruel; engulfing everything that it could reach.

Life is so deceiving; without anything 4 me 2 hold on, I am begone, lost in d middle of nowhere.

Life is such a badass; everything weak n cannot fight 4 d top, will be destroyed; crippled.

Life is so damn envious; hatred filled inside d heart of people, couldn't even see each another
in d same species succeeds; not long before they went down tumbling among themselves.

Just a little mistaken strategy, is what it took 4 d nosedive crashes.

Everyone is 4 themselves. And yet it sucks 2 be alone.

Once slipped, shall be sucked into d dark hole of life, crushing d hope of springing back into life.

Gotta hold on, gotta hold on. Musn't let go, musn't let go.
But, to whom?

There must be something left, Things revealed, brought down 4 me 2 keep holding.

Keep searchin', crawlin', grasping.

but... what if I've grasped something wrongly, and brought me off d track of life?

Just one thing.

Let the light shine upon ur heart, showing d darkness its way out.
No more crawlin in d darkness, just keep ur faith in front of U,

And there's nothing better that u could ask for.

Hey, did wrote all those nonsense?