Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oo la la

Hi guys. Just dropping by to tell that Im getting really busy this time. Well I am preparing myself for the upcoming exams. So guys by the meantime dont expect any posts from me. Dont even expect anything from me even if I didnt have any examinations anyways. Ha!

Well then, here I present to you what I shall be enduring for the next few weeks.

22/5 - Physiology (practical)
25/5 - Physiology (written practical)
29/5 - Biochemistry (practical)
6/6 - Anatomy (practical)

25/6 - 25/7 will be the written examination for each subject, with oral tests in between. Those are the dates that I roughly remembered. Seemed hard? Nah. Gotta finish at an average 2 books for each subject. Anatomy alone have 5 department books that I had to engulf page to page. Yes I know that Im pretty f*cked up. Just pray for me to have the perseverance to go through all of these with ease. Bubye.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hiya peeps. Man what a bummer I had today. As you might have known or not, every year the student of Ain Shams University is required to do a presentation for every subject that we studied this year. So far we had done the Psychology and the most recent one is which is today. It was about Physiology Aging and Cardiovascular Health. So then the task was simple enough for me and my group. And usually based on my two year experience as a student there, there will be no strict mark givings. As long as you did the research, the 10 mark will be given. Yes guys 10 marks only. Or maybe more. I just dont give a heck.

But there is a drawback. The research was more like tangkap muat because of no strict marking requirement, this made us procrastinate even more. Buat malas-malas, dah masuk minggu dateline baru nak mula. Then among us the only person that did all the work were merely 2 people, excluding me. Aku memang pemalas. Suruh buat malas, suruh present malas. Suka sangat buat perangai khinzir. If you all used this research paper as a template for your own research for sure it will be rejected mentah-mentah.

By the time to present our research, which happens to be this morning, memang aku menggelabah gila. Even the PPT research file I only checked for 2 pages or so. If the research I didnt participate actively than what the fu*k that I am going to talk to the doctor about? By the time I had arrived at the practical room the presentation had started. Cakap pukul 9, datang setengah jam lambat. Perangai Melayu sejati kau tahu.

I took a peek at the doctor and for sure she looked pretty damn strict i guess. We all took turn for talking about what we have on the research and the doctor seem to ask a lot about this and that. For God sake I am truly dead this time. When my time has come thank god the doctor was already bored by the long explanation. I just talked a little crap and she said Ok Thank You.
Well then that does not seem really hard didnt it? But what made me felt really bad is when the doctor said, what a marvelous cooperation that you people had. By god aku baca menda tu pun 1-2 slide sahaja. If your doing your research paper here then dont worry much, tak perlu semangat-semangat, doctor bukan kisah mana pun. Yes for all you know im an effing douche bag who gets appreciation for what I didnt did. And that didnt made me feel good either.

Well then, wish me the best for the upcoming Physiology exam this Saturday and practical exam for Biochemistry by Sunday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

newfound glory

Hi there guys. Long time no see. Well its been really hard to find myself free time, because as a student myself time were being squeezed, every drop of it from my crappy life. So then, how do you love the new look of this blog? Have a look at the header please! It took me an evening worth of my available Photoshop skill to create this shitty header. The font had been changed also to a smaller one as to look more professional. And FYI, I also changed the url of the blog. Those ditchedinthewildcrappinessandhell is no more. Poyo nak mampos. Estranged la, ape la. Konon macam there was a darker side of me la. Rasa macam nak pegi balik masa dulu lepas tu sula diri sendiri.

Those were the past. Now the url had been changed to Cool name huh? The blog become even more poyo! And for those whom asking, what the hell is sahlab? What the hell is shay?

Those two are among the most famous Egyptian or Middle Eastern's hot beverages. Shay means tea in Arabic; just plain black tea. Sahlab, well, its a type of drink that what I had been searched, had been made from salep flour that came from dried tuber of a type of wild orchid that originates from Turkey and its popularity came throughout Middle East and even reaches England. It is then brewed with hot milk and sugar, and garnished with nuts, dried coconuts and sultanas, just the same as the one that are shown on the header. These two drinks are available at any coffee house throughout Egypt. A must have if watching football with your peer!

Commercially sold instant sahlab - but you still cant get true taste of sahlab with it!

So why did I chose the name of drinks as the name of my blog? Well as a keen blog reader you people might have come across great blogs that named after drinks. Blog as Milo suam, teh tarik gelas besar, tukar tiub, they all had famous Malaysian drink as their title. So why would I want to miss out the fab of naming blog after drinks?LOL

And I even can bet that you people are asking why of the sudden I came out of the darkness and start to write again. Well there are several reason that i can give.

First, I have started to change my habit. No more procrastinating. I want every little thing that I did are meaningful and made me gain something which a friend of mine called life skills, as in soft skills. Ball juggling, Rubik Cube, playing piano, sewing, writing - it all adds up to something. I dont know. Maybe very useful if you want to impress somebody as lame as myself.

Second, I am really thwarted by the unseen challenge that my housemate has opposed. All of them have been started blogging. For all you know they all started to make name for themselves too. Some of them are even getting laid also! #akutakdeawekdowh Ha! Being challenged and overwhelmed by the motivation I started where I left off for the past 6 month and made some alteration. So hope for more sad and hopeless posts you guys! If you want to, you could check out the link to their blog at the sidebar here.

Ok guys its been late in the evening. Do leave some uplifting comments or suggestions. Gotta get to the workout bench now!