Wednesday, July 28, 2010

they are coming to get us


first thing you'll ever get when you started hangin' out with arabs, you'll find out something in common; they're no fun.

ok, kisahnya gini. first, i've gotten myself into some trip to alexandria, Egypt. it was pretty good actually, giving that i myself enjoys swimming. wee.

and we also got ourselves a volleyball. and it also happens that we are swimming in their turfs.

you cannot expect any more from the arabs. we were having fun throwin' balls at each other (!) when suddenly one of them showed up. muka mintak dibaling bola.

and then we started playing with each other for a really long time, until for obvious reason we started to feel real bored.

and then one of us started to hide the ball underwater. they all wondered. feen kurrah? (mana bola?). so one of them curiously dived underwater just to find the ball member aku sorok bawah air.

the real funny (you could say annoying) thing after that incident is everybody started to hide the ball from everyone else, as like it was some sort of game. feen kurrah?.

then i found a plastic bag floating nearby. bored, i grabbed that plastic bag, filled it with water and pour it out. looked like fun. guess what happen next. they actually asked for that plastic bag!

so we trade 'em in. ball for a plastic bag. and then they started to have fun with it, made us leave with the ball and pity for those guys.

Monday, July 26, 2010



well, here i am again. after almost a year being dormant, here i am, again.

not really much surprising though.

so, kawan-kawan, tak nak sambut saya kembali ke? haha. tak payahlah.

ramai ke yg tertanya2 apa yg dah terjadi dengan saya setelah setahun? atau, yg lebih penting, korang "kesah habes" ke dengan aku?

entahlah, aku rasa macam sama je except that i have gained a whopping 5 kg! macam haram jugela.

and then, aku dah boleh masak. kalau takat boleh bezakan sudip dengan senduk dah kira pandai masak la kan?

and then, i think i have been learning to be more ironic and sarcastic. or did i hve been the same all along?

and then, i've been missing my blogging friend(s), again, kalau ada.

so, after all the pressure have been relieved, kalau aku still malas nk letak something gak, then x buleh nak salahkan faktor luaran. hehe. macamana nak celen orang tu, aku rilek setahun, dia dah ade dkat 200 post!

alah, yang penting kualiti, bukan kuantiti. (ceh nak sedapkan diri sendiri)