Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hari Rabu, pergi membuka akaun HSBC, demi kehendak pihak JAIS, dan demi keperluan kehendak aku di Egypt. Tak tau kenapa aku lebih suka menggelar Mesir sebagai Egypt, walhal bendanya sama je. Mungkin lebih cool.

Anyway, back to the story. Went to the nearest branch in Seremban. I was brought to a Chinese woman, whom arranged all my account setup. Everything went excellent. Suddenly the clerk asked me something.

Mr Ahmad, have you registered for any insurance policy?

And after I said no, it's became a little bit complicated for me. Equity, riders, benefits-it seems to make no sense for my kiddie brain. A lot of signings, mind-boggling banking jargons, and broken English all the way around make me feel all jumbled up.

Called ayah, and he said no-just open an account and let's scram!

So, that's all. Then I went for their ATM, and activates my account. Good, it's working fine. As I'm about to leave, I forgot to ask for bank statement. Too lazy to print 'em up myself.

Hey Miss, could you print the bank statement for me?

I'm here-I mean there-already, so just ask them for it. Then something arose.

Err, Mister, Why'd your'e account still have nothing in it? Did the activation works well?

Yeah, sure it's gotten well, so wha-

Suddenly, I feel stupid. I quickly took out my wallet, and there it is - the RM250 I withdrawed to open up an international banking account. Jackass. I just couldn't stop laughing, and apologizing, and feel like a dumbo. Macam mana boleh terlupa nak masukkan duit tu dekat dalam akaun baru tu. nasib baik aku tak belah lagi dari situ, kalau tak sampai bila la tak aktif akaun aku tu.

Conclusion? Don't act macho 'cause they'll make you look stupid.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ignore the pun

What's I've been up to:

#J.b Bobo Modern Coin Magic handy book-PDF, gotten for free ;)

#Virtual Villagers 2 : The Lost Children. Finished the 1st one already. Really addictive, the game runs even when your'e not in front of the PC. (Explains the reason of me not getting any new post).

# Grey's Anatomy- the ups-and-down of a group of intern's life; work and personal. (Big hands for Deenie's recommendation ;)

# Lastly...


waited a long time for this craps

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malaysia XI vs Manchester United

Truly saying, among the best performance shown by Malaysian football team since then. For me they really show what Malaysians are made of : spirit.

The game starts quick-paced, with MU overpowers the M'sian with their sheer height and possession of the ball. And after 9 minutes, M'sian defense were shattered by a goal from Wayne Rooney. And he amazes us again with his quick feet and gives away pass for Nani to finish it off.

But Sir Alex Ferguson's happiness and joy turns into agony when MU defense let loose for Amri Yahyah, M'sian forward strikes a lob ball, high enough to pass Edwin van der Sar, back into his net. The Malaysian skipper once again proves his reliability after 5-year absence from Malaysian team, when he didn't miss a chance after Ben Foster, subbed from van der Sar, slipped the ball and the pacey Amri chases and nudged the ball into the net, making the scoreline 2-2.

Both team created a lot of chances, and this time, after a lot of players subbed, United's rookie player Darron Gibson slipped a pass through M'sian defense and towards Ryan Giggs, making Malaysian keeper, Mohd Farizal Marlias to slide forward only making a rebound for Michael Owen, United's latest signings shot in the victory goal.

It is maybe a satisfying match, but what really disappoints me is although Bukit jalil Stadium is full, but all I see is red or white jerseys everywhere, but not a stripe of black and yellow. This is quite a shame, when even Malaysian does not support their own team.

That's all, Majulah Sukan untuk Negara!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tak dapat dibendung lagi


Hye, It's been awhile, ey? Am having a hard tyme with my vista. Windows Vista. I couldn't get connected to internet. Secara tetiba connection dalam laptop yang dah di-save-kan hilang. Lepas tu, tak boleh nak buat connection baru. The wizard cannot create d connection, kata vista tu.

Hei, vista, vista! Siapa2 yang tahu fasal masalah ni, share2 lah ye.

But wait, how'd the heck I'm online right now?
Aku pakai komputer lama, windows XP. Yang ni tak ada masalah nak connect to internet. Satu je masalah dia. Sebab dah lama tak buka, PC ni dah jadi slowpoke(jangan marah ya PC). Slow pun slow la, janji dapat online.

Ironic, baru je cakap yang diri dah boring dengan internet. Tapi, baru pagi tu dah tak boleh online, tak keruan aku jadinya! Haru-biru-hijau-kelabu aku buatnya.
Maksudnya, kena ikut dos, taklah online 25 jam,8 hari seminggu (hiperbola digunakan). Baru kena tempatnya.

Tu sahaja. Selamat.