Tuesday, June 30, 2009

that's kawaii

2 scenario. Differennt places, different times, different people. But it's the same though.


I was attending a function lately, where I met an old friend of mine. He was a succesful Indian, whose bound for actuarial science course. I was really grateful because it's been a long time since I've seen him, and he had surely grown up a lot.

"Hi, oh, it's really nice to see you!"

And yeah, it's nice to meet him too.

"And, this is my friend, Mary (real name is forgotten for God's sake). She was from the same school as me too,"he explains the presence of a pretty-pretty Chinese girl next to him.

"Hi...!" She greets and holds out her hand for me,as a sign of gratitude.

And I grabbed her hand back, as a normal dude would usually did. And my thoughts ponders,

........................... wait, what am I doin?

Pegang babi boleh disamak, sentuh muhrim..?


Here I am, in the Komuter back from K.L to Nilai station. Quite a long journey, and luckily, an empty seat shows up quickly.

After a few stations, two couples shows up. From double-dating maybe (mind me if wrong).
One of the pair isn't so.....much, but the other one...they might be-loving-each-other-so-much-that-they-wouldnt-let-each-other-even-for-a-while (ignore the annoyance).

They both would be so sweet for a couple.Very cuddly and not-so-shame with all the other eyes in the train that were focused on them. The guy chewed gum and shared with the lady,
by mouth. They were hugging, kissing-on-the-neck, and squeezing around each other. So sangap. Eew.

It wasn't them that I would emphasise here, but me. I was there all the time, and all I do is just pretending to be sleeping and hearing the song banging in my head.

And yet, he, she and me is a MOSLEM. Sungguh selemah-lemah iman.

Just for pondering upon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

double it up

Didn't come up with something, so here it goes.

This is for the last Saturday night, for the sequel of the last-last Saturday(?).
Father of the Bride ,Part 2.

The story goes on after the wedding of George Banks' beloved daughter, Annie. Even after her wedding, he continues to fret when he knows that her daughter is pregnant, and yes, he's about to be a grand-dad. And what's adding up to this is he discovers that her wife is pregnant too(which she mistaken for menopause).Uh-oh.

So, he continues his inability-to-accept-the-truth-and-whats-going-on attitude; he was so upset of being too old for a grandpa, he colors his hair and sports a younger look. He was so afraid and wishes to get a new house, so he sells it to an instant, and must evacuate the memorable house in 10 days. And then he realise that this is the house which keeps a lot of memories between him and everyone else, especially Annie.

Adding up to this already comical transfusion is Franck Eggelhoffer-the one whom used to arranges Annie's wedding-came back as the babies' room decorator. He helps the family when there were two pregnant women in the house. Annie was taught for the course on which will she need to do when she feels about to be in the labour (which once she mistaken for indigestion).

And then there comes the day. It was a tiresome day for George-he didn't sleep for three days. He complaints about the doctor whom will be delivering her daughter (which seems to be younger than Annie). But when the babies delivered, he felt the world is his. Holding his grandson in one hand and her daughter in the other,it was magnificent.

At a point, George was worried that he still be able to raise Megan (the name of the doctor who delivered her) as he did to Annie and Matty. But when given a second thought, he think he could do it again. The story ends with Annie, Brian-her husband-and George Banks-Mackenzie Jr. moves out to Boston.

Again, remarkable.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

still not ready yet

Siapa stay-up hari sabtu yang lepas? Malam itu cerita Father of the Bride (1991); sebuah cerita komedi, ada disiarkan di TV3. Walaupun ianya cerita lama, tapi saya masih belum pernah menontonnya, kerana waktu movie ini dikeluarkan, saya masih belum wujud. LOL.

Anyway, the story goes on like this. The protagonist, George Banks portrayed by Steve Martin (remember Inspector Clouseau from d Pink Panther?), is a proud-yet-dumbfound father and an athletic shoe company owner from an upper middle-class family, whose daughter-Annie- will be getting married to a man from upper-class family. Everything didn't quite normal though, since he can't imagine how's life going to be without her daughter and has gone a little 'cracked', especially when he knows that the wedding expenses shoots up over $100,000.

This film is somewhat intriguing, because it emphasizes on little details that somehow leads to a different perspective to me (!) for this movie. For an instance, when George is asked by Franck, his wedding planner for what's on the menu, whether it would be expensive-yet-exquisite seafood or going for the cheap chicken dinner, George opts for the chicken, but the cook won't cook chicken because of the non-glamorous status of the chicken; then George shouts on his face,

If your going want to get a $1000 wedding cake, and $250-per-head dinner, and me on a new tux, then there will be no other then the chicken!

Still, the cook won't make the chicken. And thus drives George crazy. But when the wedding goes on, and everyone seems happy, it did relieves him a little. But it was a little funny that he was even not allowed to go to the backyard of his own house, and didn't even get a taste of a 500-bucks-per-head seafood dinner. He didn't even make it to see her daughter toss the bouquet. And all of sudden, his daughter is going to fly to Hawaii for their honeymoon. And all he get is the catastrophic after-wedding-scenario, almost getting summoned for not getting permit to park 200 cars in front of his house, and a call from her daughter from the airport, thanking him for everything. And that's more than enough to cover all these...gruesome he endures. He finally realizes that her once little Annie has grown up, and he feels proud of himself for the success of growing up a daughter and being a father for all her needs.

All for all? Remarkable.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gettin dirtier...

Clever Liquor Ad funny picture

Haha. LOL.

Understand now? Don't bring girl back home sesuke hati.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

confirmed or busted?


Ever heard of a rumour of Bill Gates sharing his fortune and giving aways cash money to whom forwards a message towards others; and ever heard of Yahoo! will shut down it services for good and the only way to stop it is by forwarding series if chain letters to increase net trafficking?


Man, its funny to think that some of this chain-letters dated back to 1997, where the Internet had just yet started towards its on gargantuan webs and people has already started messing around, being fooled by easy money. And these phoney letters are still circulating around.

Those pranksters who cooked up these frauds surely gave a big laugh in the end.

Learn it more at Snopes.com.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kecemerlangan menjana ummah...

Assalamualaikum. Hee, cambest je title dia.

30 Mei yang lepas, aku pergi menerima saguhati daripada pihak Koperasi Serbaguna MAS.
Diberi kepada pelajar yang cemerlang2 belaka, macam ana. Jangan gelak.

Antara yang menerima sumbangan termasuklah aku, Syazwan Adzhar dan Nidzam Yatimi.
Tapi memandangkan Nidzam pergi menunaikan umrah, maka tinggal aku dan Syazwan (ignore the pun-we have same name).

Ramai sungguh.

Berdua lebih baik...

Aku dah macam caterer merangkap kaki pukul. Eh, macam "BFF" pun ada dua orang ni.

Haha, oi, jangan marah, main2 je.

BFF, lawak gila. Wan, kau aku tak tahu la, tapi aku ada rasa loya sikit masa tulis part BFF tu.
Huhu. Kita orang merangkul pulang sijil penghargaan + cash (Syazwan dapat lebih sikit pasal dia lebih cemerlang dari aku-lebih sikit je).

Moral? Berusahalah dengan cemerlang, tak ada ruginya.